Hello! Anybody home?

It’s like moving day.  You know… you’re the new kid on the block, a moving truck pulls into the driveway, neighbors stop by to introduce themselves – but the house is so empty that the conversation echoes off the walls.  And it’s awkward having visitors when you can’t invite them to sit down.

So, welcome!  This place will be echoing for a while.  Don’t expect to see any lavish artwork, expensive furniture, or deep philosophy here.  More like a mad scientist’s lab of loosely-related experiments, and they’ll be slow in coming.  Odds are, they’ll have something to do with photography, electronics, or woodworking.


3 Responses to “Hello! Anybody home?”

  1. hi! richard well done the repair on the nikon D2H . just like to know your opignoni have a D2H and the D1X i want to upgrade the sensor onthe D2H by a sensor for the D2X first is it possible is the design and construction of thoses cameras are similar ( D2H and D2X) my reason is to obtain 12.4 megapixels or more i’am sure nikon got the answer on this one but if it was possible theys don’t won’t jeopardise the production of futur cameras model ( shame) maybe nikon should start to include this idea on the corporation directive (anti-pollution) green ext ext well i hope you can help me on this one by the way i live in australia sydney i believe nikon should refurbish theirs products

  2. sorry i didn’t finish my message well just wanted to say hope nikon start to refurbish theirs products to save this planet that will help by the way i ‘am not a crazy geen but i care that hall thank for your time richard hope you be able to give me a answer thank you robert in sydney australia

    • Hi, Robert. Thanks for the comments!
      It’d be a slick idea for Nikon to offer interchangeable parts to upgrade the sensors in their bodies. You’re right that it’d generate a lot less waste.
      I didn’t dig into the sensor-side electronics on this camera, but I’ve seen other folks who have – it’s pretty much a complete circuit board with the sensor mounted. You’d probably need the whole circuit board replaced anyway to support a higher-MP sensor. I can tell you this will be pricey – I discovered that Nikon doesn’t sell the low-pass filter in front of the sensor; they only sell a complete circuit board with sensor and low-pass filter installed. The D2H 4MP replacement sensor PCB is USD$1150 – about 3x what you’d pay for a whole D2H on eBay. (Other places like LifePixel.com sell the filter for USD$100.)
      If you want to pursue this idea, I’d say get the parts lists for both cameras and compare the part numbers to find out which pieces are different. That would give you an idea how much needs to be changed to convert a D2H into a D2X. Though, honestly, just looking at the cost aspect it’ll probably be cheaper to buy a used D300; that’d get you the 12MP and better image quality, though it’s not a pro body and not a “green” option.

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