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“Print is cheap”… adventures with Continuous Ink

Posted in Misc, Photography with tags , , , , , , , , , , on 09 December 2009 by Richard Hornbaker

I’ve been curious about CIS systems for a while, but they always seemed like overkill. I finally decided to give one a try after looking at the cost of refills for an HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 – the CISS is 15% cheaper, refills cost 90% less, and it only takes about 30 minutes for the one-time setup. For your amusement, here’s a blog of my experience; I’ll update it over time.

What’s a CISS?

CISS is continuous ink supply system – a third-party inking scheme for inkjet printers. Rather than installing replacement ink cartridges, a dummy cartridge goes in the printer with a siphon hose that connects to a large ink reservoir outside the printer – often 4-5 times larger than a typical cartridge capacity. Continue reading